SCI Score Sheets

Texas Hunt Lodge scores dozens of Animals for SCI and Safari Club International every year. The forms below are for you or our staff to score your trophies.

Method 1 SCI Form - Most animals with Simple Horns
Method 2 SCI Form - Spiral Horned Animals (Eland, Bongo, Kudu, Nyala, Addax, Blackbuck, Markhor, etc)
Method 3 SCI Form - Wild Cattle (Bison, Water Buffalo, Yak, Gaur)
Method 4 SCI Form - African Buffalo
Method 5 SCI Form - Common Wildebeest
Method 6 SCI Form - Black Wildebeest
Method 7 SCI Form - Muskox
Method 8 SCI Form - Rhinoceros
Method 9 SCI Form - Multi-horned Sheep
Method 10 SCI Form - Pronghorn Antelope
Method 11 SCI Form - Wild Sheep (Wild Sheep, Aoudad, Tur)
Method 12 SCI Form - Tusks of Hippo, Pigs, Water Deer & Musk Deer
Method 13 SCI Form - Walrus Tusks
Method 14 SCI Form - Elephant Tusks
Method 15 SCI Form - Skulls of Carnivores and Peccaries
Method 16 C SCI Form - Crocodile
Method 16 D SCI Form - Darted Carnivores
Method 17 Non Typical SCI Form - Whitetail Non-Typical
Method 17 Typical SCI Form - Whitetail Typical
Method 18 Non-Typical SCI Form - Mule Deer & Black-tailed Deer Non-Typical
Method 18 Typical SCI Form - Mule Deer & Blacktailed Typical
Method 19 Non Typical SCI Form - Elk Non Typical
Method 19 Typical SCI Form - Elk Typical
Method 20 SCI Form - Red Deer and related Deer
Method 21 Non Typical SCI Form - Axis, Hog, Sambar, Rusa, Roe and Sika Deer Non Typical
Method 21 Typical SCI Form - Axis, Hog, Sambar, Rusa, Roe and Sika Deer Typical
Method 22 SCI Form - Larger Exotic Deer, i.e. Barasingha, Pere David, brow-antlered, etc
Method 23 SCI Form - Caribou and Reindeer
Method 24 SCI Form - Fallow Deer
Method 25 C SCI Form - Moose Unpalmated Antlers
Method 26 Typical & Non-Typical SCI Form - Muntjac, Brocket, Pudu & Tufted Deer
Method 50-T - For all species of wild turkey with single beard
Method 50-NT - For all species of wild turkey with multiple beards

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