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Texas Buffalo Archery Hunt w/ a LONG BOW!!

Please LIKE & SUBSCRIBE!! Check out this recent hunt with Jeff, a long time THL Client, as he takes on the challenge of putting down a close to ONE TON Bison Bull with a LONG BOW. See our website for more info on our Buffalo hunts:

African Porcupine Hunt at Texas Hunt Lodge - Texas Exotic Hunting Series

PLEASE LIKE & SUBSCRIBE! Forgive the footage being a tad grainy, this was shot on a cell phone with the wrong settings. When you think of Texas Exotic Hunting, most people probably dont think about hunting an African Porcupine, but in my opinion, there are few cooler trophies to have in your trophy room than a big Porcupine with his quills all sprawled out. Texas Hunt Lodge offers several hunts a year for these unique animals, and they can be taken with most collection methods. Bow, rifle, airgun, crossbow, etc are all welcome here. To get more info on our Porcupine hunts, please visit out website below and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Just search “texas hunt lodge” on both platforms and our page should pop right up.

Filling Up the Freezer at Texas Hunt Lodge! Cow Buffalo HEADSHOT!

Conclusion of a recent hunt for a nice size Buffalo Cow that's going to fill this hunter’s freezer full of healthy meat for a LONG time. Nothing better than getting a couple days away to experience the great outdoors and filling up the freezer at the same time. Plenty of Buffalo Bulls for trophy/meat hunts and plenty of good size Cows to fill that freezer up still on the ranch, so give us a call to set up YOUR Buffalo hunt. Details on the website linked below.

Eland Hunt at Texas Hunt Lodge May 2021 - Texas Exotic Hunting Series

Please LIKE & SUB!! - This video picks up right after a short stalk we made just after spotting a really big Eland on the 1st morning of a Father / Son Hunting trip here at THL. After the short stalk, we were in perfect position in the under shade of - and in front of - a big tree that concealed us for the most part from the big Eland. After the .308 roared, the bullet hit its mark and the big Antelope was hit hard. With a 2000lb animal, you’re generally going to need more than one shot. This case was no different, and we followed up for the finishing shot which was perfect, and the Eland was ours. The Eland is the largest of the antelope species, sometimes bumping above the 1 tons mark in weight. Once you come up on on a downed Eland, it truly is a sight to behold, they are so massive. This one in particular was big bodies, and had magnificent horns that will propel it high into the record books. The Eland is an especially popular hunt because of their size. Not only do they make a magnificent trophy, the meat is AMAZING. Many hunters who have had it, classify it as their favorite above the common favorites like Axis and Oryx.

Pere David Deer Hunting at Texas Hunt Lodge - Exotic Hunting Texas Series

PLEASE LIKE & SUB!! - Take a look at this Pere David Deer hunt here at Texas Hunt Lodge from May 2021. The Pere David is an absolutely stunning animal with its branched off antlers and golden brown coat. Not only does the Pere David make a magnificent trophy, but the meat is FANTASTIC as well. Père David deer are known only in captivity, having been extinct in the wild for about two thousand years. Captives were kept at the Imperial Hunting Park near Beijing, China, where they were first seen by Père David in 1865. The last of these deer were slaughtered during the Boxer Rebellion; however, a few had previously been shipped to Europe, and they are the source of today's world population, which includes reintroductions in China.

TOP 7 Exotic Hunts 2020-2021 at Texas Hunt Lodge.

Strung together a few of my favorite Texas Exotic hunts filmed here at Texas Hunt Lodge over the last year or so! Ill update the description below with links to the individual videos. Be sure and give us a like and Comment below on which were YOUR favorites over the last year. Also would love to hear content ideas from you guys. We’ve got some big plans coming up, but always in the mood to hear ideas. Sure do appreciate everyones support over the last year!

Kill Shot on a BIG Black Hawaiian Ram at Texas Hunt Lodge - Texas Exotic Hunting Series

Using our buggy as a de-facto blind, we backed into some brush about 100 yards from a fenced off corn feeder (to keep hogs out) in hopes we could catch a group of rams that had been seen in the area several times recently. After failing to locate the group of rams during that morning and afternoons hunt so far, we were hopeful they would get hungry and make their way to the feed station as the sun started to set. Sure enough about an hour before sunset we caught some movement to our right, and making their way through the brush was a group of about 10 rams. This hunter in particular was looking for a big Black Hawaiian Ram, and boy did he find one! This young hunter dropped this big ram stone cold dead with one shot. We have plenty of big rams still on the ranch, including Corsicans, Painted Desert Rams, Mouflon, and of course plenty of Black Hawaiian Rams so if you’re looking for something similar, let us know!

Corsican Ram Hunt at Texas Hunt Lodge - Texas Exotic Hunting Series

*WIND NOISE WARNING* for ppl with headphones. Check out this Father-Son hunt for a really nice Corsican Ram. Texas Hunt Lodge is Texas’ PREMIERE destination for Texas Exotic Hunting.

CULINARY EXPERIENCE at TEXAS HUNT LODGE - Hunting/Cooking Texas Exotics, Wild Boar, Quail, and Fish!

Ever wanted to learn how to cook these Texas Exotic animals gourmet style? Or just looking for tips on how to get that “gamey” taste out? Well here’s your chance. Texas Hunt Lodge is offering a chance to learn wild game cooking techniques from 2 of Texas' BEST professional chefs. This is the ultimate “kill and cook” experience. Check out the video for more info and give us a call to check availability for our next session!

KNIFE Hog Hunt with Dogs at Texas Hunt Lodge - Hunting with Knives!

Knife hunting big Texas Hogs with Dogs is one of my favorite hunts we offer. The adrenaline gets pumping hard every time these dogs bay up a big, bruiser hog. This hunt was no different except that it happened FAST! These dogs had a HUGE 250lb Hog with nice cutters caught within about 5 min of releasing them. Once we made sure the hog was solidly in the grasp of the dogs, our hunter moved in and stuck this big pig in the perfect spot, putting him down quickly. If you're interested in a TROPHY Texas Hog Hunt with Knives AKA Hog Doggin’ check our website for more info or give us a call at (830) 367-7611.

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