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Addax Hunt at Texas Hunt Lodge

Check out this quick video of young Cooper getting on a big Addax bull here at Texas Hunt Lodge! After a quick stalk, Cooper and guide Wikus Stemmet were able to close the distance and get pretty close to the big Addax. Although Addax are fairly territorial and don't give up their ground easily, these big bulls were getting nervous and likely just seconds away from bolting into the woods. After a perfect shot, Cooper had his Addax. The reaction from Cooper says it all. This is what its all about, folks!

Texas Hunt Lodge Info Video - Texas' PREMIERE Deer / Exotic Hunting Destination!

Here at Texas Hunt Lodge we hunt upwards of 80 different species of animals. Our location, near Kerrville TX is the exotic hunting capital of the world. From Whitetail Deer, Red Stag, Blackbuck Antelope, Axis Deer all the way to the exotic and beautiful Bongo, native to central Africa, you can find it here at Texas Hunt Lodge. In business since 2008, we hunt over 30 different ranches and have some of the best / most experienced hunting guides in the world. Our 10,000 sq ft lodge with private suites for each hunter and private chef serving up 3 meals a day will keep you more than comfortable during your stay here at THL.

Texas Hunt Lodge wins OUTFITTER OF THE YEAR at Trophy Game Records of the World Awards!

What a weekend. Not only did THL win Outfitter of the Year, but several of our clients took home awards for animals taken with THL, and THL guide Wikus Stemmet won Guide of the Year! Times like these really make us take a step back and appreciate our clients, ranches we work with, and the people we work with, because without them, none of this is possible. What a year!

CROSSBOW Fallow Deer Hunt - Runs into Pond After Shot!!!

Texas Hunt Lodge Owner Aaron Bulkley was the "lucky" one tasked to recover this big Fallow Deer Buck after it jumped into the tank right after a PERFECT shot by our huntress, Addyson!

Pere David Deer Hunt at Texas Hunt Lodge. Lever Action Rifle Hunt!

What a cool animal and what a fun hunt this was. Not only was it a challenge to get on this big guy, we were also having to keep our eyes peeled for a charge from an ANGRY water buffalo who was none too pleased we were in his territory! The Pere David Deer is a species of deer native to the river valleys of China. Spending much of its day in and around the water, the Pere David always offers up a unique hunting experience. These super unique animals have been classified as extinct in their native lands, but due to the efforts of Texas hunting ranches like Texas Hunt Lodge , the Pere David deer are thriving in ranches all over Texas. Basically, BECAUSE OF HUNTING these animals still walk this earth today. Without hunter's dollars, the Pere David as well as many other species would be extinct and gone.

Bow Hunt for a MONSTER Jacobs 4 Horn Ram Hunt at Texas Hunt Lodge.

Here at THL, we hunt QUALITY animals. This Jacobs 4 Horn sheep is a prime example, having a set of horns that should propel him nicely up the record book. Some cool trivia facts about the Jacob are that The Jacobs 4 Horn is named after the biblical character Jacob, and are mentioned throughout the Old Testament and the Hebrew Bible as speckled or spotted sheep. was likely bred into existence over 3000 years ago in the Middle East and are one of the earliest known cases of selective breeding. The story is that Jacob collected spotted sheep and began breeding them specifically for their coat pattern.

Texas Buffalo Hunt @ Texas Hunt Lodge Information Video

This video goes over the different Texas Buffalo hunts we offer, as well as things like meat processing and taxidermy.

Hunting a BIG Axis Deer at Texas Hunt Lodge - Texas Axis Deer Hunt

We put in the work for this one folks! After making our original stalk, they busted us but we kept following. At the end of the hunt we had walked about 2.5 miles up and down the hills of the Texas Hill Country and lucked out by spotting them a final time as we were headed back to the vehicle to get lunch. Fun hunt with a father / son team that none of us will soon forget!

CROSSBOW Corsican Ram Hunt Texas Hunt Lodge

Quick little video of a recent crossbow hunt for a really nice Corsican Ram here near Kerrville, TX at Texas Hunt Lodge. For more information on Coriscan hunts, or any of the other approx. 80 species we offer, visit our website linked below.

Hunting Kill Shot Compilation - Texas Hunt Lodge

Check out some of our recent hunts from the last month in this new kill shot compilation. We are going to be producing some exciting new video content in the coming months so be sure and subscribe to the channel and follow us on our social media sites to stay updated on all the action at Texas Hunt Lodge!

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