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Texas Alligator Hunting with Texas Hunt Lodge - Informational Video

Ever wanted to do a Texas Alligator Hunt? If so, Texas Hunt Lodge is offering up several tags for the 2021 season. Most people don't think of Texas for Alligator Hunting, but Texas produces BIG gators every year. The number of gators we see each year is astounding as well. They're all over the place once you get towards the Houston area on the Texas Coast. Our Texas Gator Hunts will typically last 1-2 days where we will go to different properties we have access to and check the lines we have set out to catch the gators. Once we find a gator on the line, you will harvest the gator and have the trophy of a lifetime. Not to mention you'll have A LOT of good gator meat to feast on. Check out the info video above o get a sense of what our gator hunts are like, and give us a call or shoot us a message and we'll get you on the calendar!

Texas Hog Hunt - Hunting BIG 300lb Texas Hog at Texas Hunt Lodge

This morning we went out looking for a big Texas boar for a client, and man...did we ever find one! This dude had to be pushing 300lbs and had some super nice teeth. Our Texas Hog Hunts are for trophy size boars (meat hogs are available at times as well), and in my opinion, is one of the most fun hunts we do. It can turn into an all out rodeo at times, and every client that's done it has had a blast. So if you're looking to do some hog hunting in Texas for BIG Texas hogs, we can certainly accommodate.

Texas Alligator Hunting with Texas Hunt Lodge

Another big 10ft Alligator down here at Texas Hunt Lodge! For more information on our gator hunts, or info on any of the other almost 80 different species we hunt here in Texas, check out our website linked below. Be sure and give us a follow on our social media platforms as well which are updated several times a week so you can stay up to date with all the goings on here at THL.

Texas Alligator Hunt at Texas Hunt Lodge - 11ft 2in Gator!

Check out this alligator hunt conducted near Angleton TX from Sept. 2020! Texas Hunt Lodge has a few limited permits each year for gators here in Texas. The tags go quickly, so if you're interested in big Texas gator hunt, give us a call and we'll get you on the calendar for next year!

Barasingha Deer Hunt - Pending #5 in the SCI Record Book!!! Texas Exotic Hunting at its Best.

Summer 2020 Hunt for a HUGE Barasingha Deer. This Barasingha is the pending #5 in the world! We actually have a couple more left of a similar size, almost assuredly top 10 animals, so if a Barasingha is something you've been thinking about hunting, now is the time to get in touch with us for details.

BIG Jacobs 4 Horn Ram - Texas Exotic Hunt

Check out this summer 2020 hunt for a huge 4 Horn Ram here at Texas Hunt Lodge. They just don't get much bigger than this, and the symmetrical shape of the horns makes this a true world class trophy. If you want to add a 4 Horn to your wall, give us a call! We have some of the biggest rams in the world in several species, and can also accommodate hunters looking to complete their Ram Slams!

Scimitar Horned Oryx Hunt at Texas Hunt Lodge - Texas Exotic Hunt

One of our more popular hunts here at THL is for the Scimitar Horned Oryx. With the long sweeping horns and the beautiful white and brown skin, the Scimitar Horned Oryx makes an impressive trophy and the meat is some of the best table fare you'll ever have. Check out this Summer 2020 hunt for a big cow Oryx (the cows typically have longer horns than the males). Check out our website for more info on our Texas Exotic Hunts.

A few Kill Shots from weekday hunt

Had a great group of guys in from out of state, and despite the incredibly hot weather, they were more than willing to lay the hammer down on several special. Check out a few of the kill shots above!

400 Class Texas Elk Hunt at Texas Hunt Lodge

Short video of the conclusion of the hunt for a 400 class bruiser Bull Elk. This guy is a beast (look at the MASS) and not only is he going to look amazing on the wall, hes going to fill this clients freezer for a long while. Still have some monster bulls at the ranch, so get with us if you're looking check off the "Hunt a Monster Elk" line on your bucket list!

Texas Red Stag Hunt - Kill Shot - Texas Hunt Lodge

Check out this kill shot on a recent Red Stag hunt here at Texas Hunt Lodge. While sitting in a blind over a water hole (affectionately called Trump Tower b/c its a super comfortable, two story, massive blind) the hunter put a perfect shot on this magnificent animal. If a big Red Stag is on your list, we have several of these big boys still roaming around our ranches, so give us a call!

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