Arrival to the Lodge
Please let us know your arrival time to the lodge.  We want to make sure that your guide is there to greet you, go over hunt license, paperwork, speak about the hunt, etc.  Our cook would also like to know if we need to have lunch or dinner waiting when you arrive.  You can either call our Office at 830-367-7611, or email us in advance to give us an approximate time.  
What to Bring on your Hunt
As far as Lodging goes, we have the food, drinks, beer, comfortable beds in private suites, towels, soap, shampoo…you should consider bringing the following with you:
-          Binoculars
-          Personal Toiletries and Medication
-          Pre-sighted Gun and Ammo (we do rent rifles for $25 per day)
-          Appropriate Clothing (check weather in advance for Ingram, TX to see whether it may rain or extreme temperatures)
-          Coolers if you’re taking meat home
Texas Hunting License
We do sell your Hunting License at our office and can add the cost to your invoice.  These will run from $7 for Youth Hunters up to $315 for Non-Resident Whitetail Hunters.  Please make sure you know your Social Security number so you may obtain a license…this is Texas Parks and Wildlife Regulations.  
Our in-house Taxidermy Studio is Wildlife Market Taxidermy in Ingram, TX.  They mount around 750 animals each year ranging from Elk, Whitetail, Wild Boar, African Game, North American Sheep to the African Big 5.  We can take you on a tour of the facility and pricing can be seen online here: http://wildlifemarket.com/price_list.php
You are welcome to use any taxidermist you wish in our immediate area, and we will transport the cape and head to them at no charge, or alternatively, take the cape and head with you.  
Meat Processing Options
The majority of our clients use Bernhard’s Meat Processing in Ingram, TX for their meat processing.  Bernhard’s has been in Business for over 60 years and is one of the most trusted wild game meat processors in the State.  Bernhard’s Website and Meat Processing Options can be found online here: http://www.bernhardmeat.com/deerpro1.htm
Meat Processing times will vary with the size of the animal.  Whitetail, Hogs, African Game will typically hang for 7 days, then processed exactly how you order (2 steaks to a package, 1lb Burger packaging with beef fat or brisket, etc.)  Sausage will take a bit longer as there is more work to this process.  
Most Bovine (Bison, Water Buffalo) will hang for 14-20 days recommended.  The reason for this is to let the Meat tenderize and cell structure to break down naturally in a refrigerated environment – similar to aging a steak.  If you skip this process, your meat will be tough to chew unless you tenderize the heck out of it while preparing.  
They ship Nationwide either via FedEx 2nd day or Refrigerated Freight (you typically need at least 300 lbs. of meat for Freight and have shipped to a business address).
Alternatively, we can quarter your animals so you can put in cooler and take home with you with the exception of Buffalo and Elk.  Buffalo and Elk must go to the Meat Processor for skinning and Quartering due to the size of the animal  (there will be a charge for this typically in the $200 range per animal)
Our guides only Skin for Rug or Shoulder/Pedestal mount and Quarter the animals…we do not break down the muscle groups or take off the bone.  We will hang these quarters in our Walk-in Cooler at the lodge and help you load when you are ready.  Please keep in mind the time of year for this process…if it is 90 degrees outside, it will take some time to fully skin and quarter your animal and hang in the cooler…sometimes it’s best to use the meat processor if you want the best results.  
Skinning Animals Policy
Our guides will skin your animal for a Shoulder Mount, Pedestal Mount or Rug.  Our guides do not take the capes off the skull.  If you require life-size or half life-size skinning, or need the cape taken off the skull, we will call our taxidermists to skin the animal appropriately.  In this case, a small skinning fee added to the invoice typically in the $25-$50 range per animal.  
The only exception to this policy is for Bison and Elk.  We will need to take to the meat processor for skinning in most cases (it is possible to Cape and Quarter at the lodge if the temperature is ideal, you let us know in advance, and for a small fee).  
If you want to have your cape expedited/shipped, we will have our taxidermists flesh and salt the capes, then ship when dry.  Keep in mind that they do need to dry and typically are not available to take home with you right away salted.  
Food Allergies
Our Cook will do his best to accommodate any restrictions you may have regarding food and preparation.  Please let us know in advance if you have a gluten free diet, vegan, or can’t eat a certain type of meat, starch, etc.  
Final Payment of your Invoice
We will settle up with you at the lodge at the conclusion of your hunt.  We accept Check, Cash and Credit Cards for final payment.  We also accept wire transfer.  Please make arrangements with your bank or credit card company in advance
Gratuity to Staff
We do not include a gratuity to staff in our pricing.  This amount is up to you and is greatly appreciated, though industry standard is around 10% of your hunt to be distributed to the Guide and Cook.  Our Guides depend on gratuities as part of making a living.  

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