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Blackbuck Antelope Hunting

Blackbuck Antelope Hunting Details

Texas Hunt Lodge offers the opportunity to hunt and harvest the magnificent Blackbuck, a trophy you’ll proudly display on your wall. Our hunts provide the chance to pursue impressive Trophy Blackbuck Antelope, some with 4 and 5-curl horns. All of the Blackbuck Antelope we hunt are of trophy quality, with horns averaging between 18-19 inches straight line, and some reaching as large as 29 inches around the curl.

With no seasonal restrictions on hunting the Blackbuck Antelope in Texas, our hunts are available year-round, allowing you to plan your trophy hunt at your convenience.

We understand that every hunter has their preferred hunting method, which is why we offer a variety of options. Whether you prefer the Spot and Stalk method, Rifle Hunting, Black Powder, Safari Style Hunting, Handgun, or hunting from a Blind, our experienced guides will accommodate your preferences. We welcome hunters of all ages and experience levels, ensuring an inclusive and enjoyable hunting experience for everyone, including those with physical disabilities or mobility challenges.


Blackbuck Antelope Trophy Fee

Blackbuck Antelope Trophy Fee: $ 2250 - 5750 *

Trophy Fee is in addition to $395 per day which covers All-Inclusive Hunt Package.
Non-hunting guests may accompany the hunter for an additional $200 per day which covers lodging, meals and amenities as well.

Texas Blackbuck Antelope are originally from the plains of India (hunting has been discontinued here), Pakistan and Nepal.  Blackbuck antelope were originally released in Texas in the Edwards Plateau (Kerr County) in 1932. In 1988, only eight Texas counties had free-ranging blackbuck, but these antelope were confined on ranches in 86 counties. Of the total number of exotics confined on Texas ranches in 1988, only the axis deer outnumbered the Blackbuck antelope.

About the size of a small deer, the blackbuck is a member of the antelope family.  The permanent horns, not antlers which may shed, of the Blackbuck are ringed with 1 to 5 turns, rarely more than 4 turns, and can be as long as 28 inches. A trophy Blackbuck is 18+ inches straight-line. In the male, the upper body is black (dark brown), and the belly and eye rings are white. The light-brown female is usually hornless.  Blackbucks usually roam the plains in herds of 15 to 20 animals with one dominant male.  In the summer, the Blackbuck males will turn brown in most cases so that they can reflect the sun, while in winter, most mature Blackbuck males, turn darker to retract the heat.

There are no restrictions on hunting the Blackbuck Antelope in Texas, which makes it a very popular suitable trophy year round.

Trophy Blackbuck Antelope prefer to graze on short length grass and common brush species including fall witchgrass, mesquite, and live oak.

Adult Blackbuck males are highly territorial and defend their areas vigorously against trespass by other males. Female Blackbuck groups may graze through male territories but other males are excluded. Young Blackbuck Antelope males, and bucks without territories, form their own all male groups. At physical maturity (2 – 2½ years of age) young bucks may split from the all-male group to establish or win their own territory.
 Blackbuck Antelope breeding can take place at any time of the year, yet the bucks are more active in spring and fall. The length of gestation for a Blackbuck Antelope is about 5 months and within a month of giving birth, the female blackbuck may breed again.
The Blackbuck Antelope female reaches sexual maturity around 8 months of age, but usually do not breed until nearly 2 years of age.  The Blackbuck Antelope lifespan is up to 15 years.

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Blackbuck Antelope

Blackbuck Antelope

Trophy Blackbuck Antelope Hunt Average 18 inches straight-line

Blackbuck Antelope

Record Blackbuck Antelope Hunt 20-22 inches straight-line

Blackbuck Antelope

Broke Horn Blackbuck Antelope



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