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Bongo Antelope Hunting

Bongo Antelope Hunting Details

Texas Hunt Lodge provides a rare opportunity to hunt and harvest the elusive Bongo Antelope, an exquisite trophy to adorn your wall. This majestic animal is exceptionally rare, and we have limited access to only a few specimens at a time.

Throughout the year, we offer hunts for magnificent Trophy Bongo Antelope, with no seasonal restrictions on hunting them in Texas. This flexibility ensures that hunters can pursue this prized trophy at any time of the year.

We offer various hunting methods for Trophy Bongo Antelope, allowing hunters to choose their preferred approach. Options include Spot and Stalk, Bow Hunting, Rifle Hunting, Black Powder, Safari Style Hunting, Handgun, and hunting from a Blind. Our experienced guides cater to hunters of all ages, experience levels, and physical abilities.

The Bongo Antelope available on our Texas Hill Country Ranches are locally raised on private ranches, yet they represent one of Africa’s top game trophies. Remarkably, the Top 25 Record Bongo taken outside of Africa have all originated from the Texas Hill Country Area. These Bongo Antelope typically boast impressive horn lengths, averaging around 30 inches, with some specimens exceeding 36 inches in length.


Bongo Trophy Fee

Bongo Trophy Fee: $ 45000 *

Trophy Fee is in addition to $395 per day which covers All-Inclusive Hunt Package.
Non-hunting guests may accompany the hunter for an additional $200 per day which covers lodging, meals and amenities as well.

The Bongo (Tragelaphus euryceros), is the largest forest African antelope.  Native to the equatorial forest in Africa, where it occurs discontinuously from Sierra Leone eastward to Kenya. Shy, wary. elusive and mostly nocturnal, a bongo in its native habitat is one of the top game trophies of Africa, and of the world. Five subspecies are listed in Africa, but are not separated here.

The Bongo weighs from 450 to 550 pounds, and stands 47-55 inches at the shoulder.  It has a large body with a hunched back, stout legs, very large ears and a long tufted tail. Coat is smooth and short, bright chestnut red in color, with 10-14 vertical white stripes to a side. There is a black and white dorsal crest of stiff hairs, a white facial chevron, white marks on the cheeks, and a white crescent on the breast. Underparts are black, the legs are black with white markings, and the tail has a black tip. Both sexes grow large, smooth horns, with two slight keels, forming an open spiral of about 1-1/2 turns.

Females are similar to males, but smaller, with shorter, narrower, straighter horns.

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