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Merino Ram Hunting

Merino Ram Hunting Details

Texas Hunt Lodge offers an exceptional opportunity to hunt and harvest a Trophy Australian Merino Ram, a prestigious addition to any trophy collection. With the finest selection of Trophy Merino Rams available globally, we ensure an unforgettable hunting experience. There are no seasonal restrictions on hunting Merino Sheep in Texas, allowing for year-round pursuit of this coveted trophy.

We prioritize our hunters’ preferences, offering various hunting methods for Trophy Australian Merino Rams. Whether opting for Spot and Stalk, Bow Hunting, Rifle Hunting, Black Powder, Safari Style Hunting, Handgun, or hunting from a Blind, we cater to diverse hunting techniques. Our services extend to hunters of all ages and experience levels.

The Merino Rams we offer for hunting represent the pinnacle of their species, boasting impressive horn configurations and exceptional trophy quality. Whether you seek a trophy for your wall or a memorable hunting experience, Texas Hunt Lodge ensures a rewarding and unforgettable adventure.

We currently have some Huge Silver and Gold Medal Merino Rams with over 2 Full Curls. Other Popular Ram Hunts we offer include Black Hawaiian Sheep, Texas Dall Sheep and Corsican Rams.


Australian Merino Ram Trophy Fee

Australian Merino Ram Trophy Fee: $ 1950 *

Trophy Fee is in addition to $395 per day which covers All-Inclusive Hunt Package.
Non-hunting guests may accompany the hunter for an additional $200 per day which covers lodging, meals and amenities as well.

* Prices may vary.

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Australian Merino Ram

Australian Merino Ram

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